Transform Your Trim: Repainting White Trim With New And Exciting Colors

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Transform Your Trim: Repainting White Trim With New And Exciting Colors

18 May 2023
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Using white paint for trimming doors, windows, molding, and baseboards has been the norm for a long time. White seems like the natural choice since it matches everything and provides a crisp and clean contrast to any paint color. However, using other paint colors for your trim is growing in popularity and can be a welcome change in interior paint colors.

Complement a wallpapered room

One of the easiest ways to choose a trim color in a wallpapered room is to use the wallpaper as a guide. If your wallpaper is floral or contains a design, determine what color stands out to you. Painting trim in the same color will complement the wallpaper and highlight the shade that catches your eye.

Creating a monochromatic room

Painting the trim the same color as walls is the perfect choice for creating a monochromatic paint scheme in a room. Monochromatic paint schemes are often enjoyed because they provide a continuous look, which can be peaceful and serene. Painting trim white would interrupt the serene feeling in monochromatic paint schemes and is best avoided.

Calm down a bold room

In rooms painted in bold colors or where large, printed wallpaper is used, white trim can overwhelm the room. It is better to choose a color that does not break the room's aesthetic appeal. For instance, for a room wallpapered with a large palm tree design, choose a soft green paint for the trim to create a cohesive look in the room.

A neutral room necessity

The goal of creating a room with a neutral paint scheme is to provide a calming feeling. White woodwork and trim can distract from the calming influence of the neutral gray and beige colors. Using a soft gray or beige paint for trim will provide a pleasing contrast in the room without sacrificing the calming look.

Create a fun and playful look

Rooms that benefit from bold colors include kids' bedrooms, playrooms, and home gyms. Using a bold color for the trim can liven up these rooms and give them an energetic look. For instance, use red trim with yellow walls or yellow trim with bright blue walls for a fun and playful look.

When it comes to interior painting, saying goodbye to white trim in your home can transform the look of any room. While it is natural to focus on wall paint, your trim can make a big difference in the aesthetic value of the room. Experimenting with various paint colors for trim is a refreshing change that is sure to be welcome in your home's interior. Talk to interior house painters for more ideas.