3 Ways To Get Your Walls Ready For A Painting Project

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3 Ways To Get Your Walls Ready For A Painting Project

20 October 2022
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Before you or painting contractors begin to paint your home, you must set aside time for preparation work. Getting your walls primed for painting makes all the difference in the finished results since any unevenness will show. Preparing your walls for painting can be as simple as following the tips below, making it easy to follow a list and have your walls ready for the painting to begin. 

Remove Art and Shelves

The first step to take is to remove anything from the walls. Even if you intend on keeping the same artwork on the wall, you'll still need to have everything taken down so the walls can be painted behind the frames. The same is true for any shelving you have installed. While it can be frustrating to remove the shelves, especially for ones that use wall anchors, you'll want the walls to be fully painted. 

Moving art and shelving to another room and keeping them ready to hang again can allow you to decorate after the painting is complete and thoroughly dried. 

Patch Any Holes 

Patching the walls is vital to have full coverage after painting your walls. Any holes can still be visible if you don't patch them first, so you'll need to follow the correct methods for priming the walls. Use sandpaper to fully sand down any grooves around the hole before using the correct priming to even out and fill any holes. 

Since even small holes can show through a new coat of paint, it's wise to patch your walls to allow a flawless paint job. 

Try Out Paint Color Swatches

One way to prepare for painting your walls is to try out multiple color swatches ahead of time. Even if you hire a professional to paint your walls for you, they will expect you to choose the color. Since colors can change drastically under different lighting, it's wise to try out swatches and wait to observe them as lighting changes throughout the day. 

Being firm with your selection of paint color can help you move forward with scheduling painting and getting the desired results.  

Painting the walls inside your home can be a big project, especially when you want nearly your whole home painted. Instead of being frustrated with the outcome of painting, look into how you can prime your walls and get the best results. From patching holes to being confident with your choice of color, your preparations will ensure that the walls turn out as expected.  

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