Tips To Paint Your Exterior Brick

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Tips To Paint Your Exterior Brick

24 February 2022
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Your exterior brick may not look as up-to-date as you would like it to, and it could be dating your home. To help update your house, you can paint the brick to give it a new look. Painting brick is a major job, especially if you have a lot of brick to paint. To get this job completed, you can hire a professional painting contractor to get this work done for you. Read on for information to help you paint the brick. 

Clean The Brick

Clean the brick on your home thoroughly with a pressure washer. Spray the brick down to remove dirt and debris that is on the brick, especially on the mortar. Remove as much dirt and debris as you can. You can use a brick cleaning solution as well, and a garden hose if you don't have a pressure washer. Clean the brick thoroughly and allow the brick to dry before you attempt to paint it.

Repair Brick

If you have damage to your brick, you need to make the needed repairs. Fill in holes and cracks with exterior paintable caulk. Repair mortar that is crumbling or has holes in it with new mortar. Use a stiff-bristle brush to remove as much of the loose debris as possible, then fill in the hole or gap with mortar.

Paint The Brick

Once you have cleaned and repaired the brick, you can begin to paint it. Paint your brick with a brick paint and made for exteriors. Paint the brick with a paintbrush and a roller. Paint in between the brick to get the mortar, then use the roller to roll the paint onto the face of the brick. Once you have painted the brick, allow it to dry and then apply a second coat. Depending on the look you want, you can allow some of the brick to show through for a white-washed look, or cover it completely for a more cohesive look. 

If you have brick on your home and it's aging your home, you can paint it to give it an entirely new look. Painting the entire exterior of your brick home can be a lot of work and can take you weeks to get the work done on your own. Hire a professional painter to help you paint your home for you to ensure the job gets done properly and is done in a timely manner. Contact a local house painting service to learn more.