Sandblasting Can Help With Graffiti

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Sandblasting Can Help With Graffiti

19 November 2021
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Graffiti on your business doesn't leave a good first impression. While there are some very talented graffiti artists who create beautiful pieces of art, most graffiti isn't like that. It can just look messy and could have inappropriate or harmful meanings behind them. You don't want to have graffiti that has some kind of bad meaning on your building, because you can't control what might happen. All of this means that you should get rid of it as soon as possible. While painting over the graffiti is one option, there may be a lot of layers of paint and graffiti that you might have to deal with, and all those layers can be hard to paint over. Another option is to hire a company that does sandblasting and have them take care of it. 


This process involves using a nozzle that sends out material under high pressure. Traditionally, that has been sand, but it could also be grit, dry ice, or even baking soda. The material hits the wall and scours away the paint. The nozzle can be used to send out a narrow stream so that the person using the blaster only hits the area where the graffiti is, or it can be more spread out and can clean off large swathes of the wall at one time. There are a lot of benefits to using sandblasting. 


One of the benefits is that sandblasting is that it is pretty quick. The pressure and the blasting material do the majority of the work, and depending on what kind of blasting material is being used, there might not be a lot of cleanup to do after the blasting process is finished. Because the blasting does the majority of the work, it will be more efficient than if the user tried to clean the same area using chemicals. A quick process also means that the whole removal is over fairly quickly. If you decided to paint over the graffiti, it could take a series of days in order to get the job done right, because the painter will need to put down a base coat to cover the graffiti and then layers of the colored paint you want. All of that takes time to dry and set. 

If you have graffiti on the walls of your business, you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Sandblasting can help you with that process.