Hire Professionals To Paint The Interior Of Your New Business Facility

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Hire Professionals To Paint The Interior Of Your New Business Facility

30 June 2020
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Hiring professionals to paint the interior of your new business facility might not be cheap, but it could be the best money you spend on getting ready to open for business. Hiring a commercial painting contractor will mean that they will know exactly what kind of paint to use. In addition, the contractor can help you with paint color choices and other wall treatments.

While it might be more expensive, the painting contractor might suggest that one-coat paint be used. They will more than likely choose flat, satin and eggshell paint for the walls, while gloss or semi-gloss will be chosen for things like wooden chair rails and other woodwork. 

Once the type of paint has been determined, of course, you'll need to select paint colors and other wall treatments. 

For a classic subdued feeling, think of going with a very light color of grey, using white for the color of any wooden trim. If you want a bit of drama in the rooms, choose something like royal blue or brick red for the color of the paint. Eggshell white would be good for the trim.

The contractor might suggest that you have at least one wall faux painted. If you like that idea, the walls could be faux painted to look like pretty much anything you want. For example, if you choose the light grey and white paint, a different wall could be given the look of grey Italian marble. If you went with a bright color, one of the walls could be faux painted to look like tile in a complementary color.

Wallpaper or a wallpaper border is another way to add interest to the walls of your new business. For instance, keeping with the classic look, choose a wallpaper border with a braid design or with a rope design. 

If you decide that wallpaper would be good for one of the walls, or for all of the walls, the contractor will have books of samples from which you can make your selection. For instance, if you want to establish a very elegant feeling, wallpaper with gold or silver flecks as part of the design would be nice. If you want a rustic look, go with wallpaper that looks like wood paneling or like weathered bricks. 

No matter what kind of wall treatment you select, choose easy maintenance materials. When you do need to clean the walls, you should be able to just use a damp cloth or a cleaning eraser to make them look brand-new. 

For more information, contact a commercial painting contractor.