Match A New Addition To Your Home With The Right Painting Done

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Match A New Addition To Your Home With The Right Painting Done

24 June 2020
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If you've had a new addition built to your home, you may be curious about what can be involved in making sure that it looks its best and will be ready for fitting in with the rest of your home. With an addition built into your home, there's a lot of questions about how it's going to blend in since it will be built so much more recently than other areas.

Instead of making mistakes with getting the painting done, the following tips can help you make sure that the addition to your home feels like the right one.

Consider Painting the Entire Home

Before having just any painting done and being disappointed with the exterior of your home looking so different, it may be best to have the entire exterior of your home painted. By getting your entire home painted, you'll be able to make everything look the same with ease.

Look Into Choosing a Different Color

Trying to match the color of the new addition to your home to the existing area can be quite difficult, making it a good idea to choose a different color. Whether this addition to your home is a detached garage or an entire room built on, choosing a different color can make sure that it doesn't look so similar yet slightly different and a bad fit for curb appeal.

Prioritize the Original Painting Contractor

Instead of shopping around to choose the cheapest residential painters, it may be best to choose one that did the original painting for your home. By choosing the original contractor, they can visit your home to assess the painting that has been done and will likely be able to take care of choosing the same color to help your exterior feel more cohesive.

Don't Forget Windows and Door Trim

Along with making sure that the siding is painted, you need to make sure that the windows and door trim are given an update as well. Keeping everything cohesive from the addition to your home and the original exterior can help you feel much more in control of getting your home to look how you'd like.

Reaching out to a painting contractor with the above tips can make all the difference in getting the results you expect and avoiding an issue where you're disappointed with the color. With the above tips, you won't have any uncertainty over whether the colors feel cohesive and will be the right match for your home.