The 3 Most Common Paint Sheens

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The 3 Most Common Paint Sheens

8 April 2020
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Is it time to paint your interior walls? Are you trying to figure out which paint sheen is right for you? This article helps you navigate the three most common sheen ratings you will see on interior paints.

Flat Paint

Flat or matte paint is by far the hardest to maintain. It is not only the most likely to fade over time, it also gets dirty very easily. Also, flat paints are usually thinner than glossy paints. This means that it can be harder to get full coverage. You might need to paint several coats to get a nice, uniform finish. Despite this, it is still very popular for residential interiors. So, why do homeowners love flat paints? Most people will choose it for the natural style. That is, they think that a matte finish looks more natural. It is true that matte paints can look more earthy, and there is no gloss or shine coming from flat paint that can otherwise make a surface look modern. So, choosing flat paint is mostly a matter of personal style preference. It is also worth noting that it is marginally cheaper than glossy paints.

High Gloss

On the other end of the spectrum from flat paints, you have high gloss paints. These paints are shiny, thick, and protective. A nice glossy paint is really going to coat up the walls. In fact, it can lessen the texture on your walls because of its thickness. Glossy paints are recommended in bathrooms and kitchens. The thicker, more protective paint will help to seal your walls and shield them from water damage. Normally, high gloss paint will be more expensive, but you might not have to use as much. That is, you can get full coverage on your walls without having to apply as many coats as you do with flat paints.


For most people, high gloss paint is too shiny and flat paint is too matte. Semi-gloss is essentially the best of both worlds and is very commonly used throughout most rooms in a house. High gloss is still recommended in bathrooms, but semi-gloss paint can protect and seal your walls without being obnoxiously shiny. As you would expect, it costs more than flat paints but less than most high gloss paints.

In the end, it is perfectly fine if you decide to have a mixture of flat, semi-gloss and high gloss paints throughout your home. You can talk to a painting company, such as Braendel Painting, for more information and for help painting your house.