Color Selection For A Restaurant Outdoor Seating Area: Keep Pests Way

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Color Selection For A Restaurant Outdoor Seating Area: Keep Pests Way

19 March 2020
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Do you have an outdoor seating area you want to paint? If so, when you select a color for the area, make sure you aren't just thinking about what looks good. As a restauranteur, you want to ensure that your guests have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Selecting a paint color that deters mosquitoes, birds, and insects is the way to go about accomplishing this goal. Learn more about how you should go about this process. 


Nothing is exciting about watching your guests swat away mosquitoes while they try to eat. If your restaurant is in a location where mosquitoes are an issue, you probably don't want to paint the exterior area in a darker color. Mosquitoes don't have the best vision; consequently, it's easier for them to see darker colors than it is lighter colors. 

Take the color blue, for instance. To keep mosquitoes away, a turquoise or pale blue would be a better option than a deep or royal blue. If you already have a color in mind, speak with a paint professional to see if there is a way to lighten the color to help keep the mosquitoes away. 


Birds are equally annoying when it comes to enjoying a meal outside. To keep your patrons satisfied and comfortable, you should also think about keeping birds away. For some birds, the quest is often to find a safe and secure place to get away from a predator. Instinctively, birds associate color with isolation or shelter. As a result, a bright yellow or orange wouldn't traditionally send this message. 

On the other hand, a dark color, such as deep brown, probably would send a message of a place for shelter. If your restaurant is located near a wooded area or another location with a high bird population, you should probably avoid a darker color and choose a lighter or brighter hue.


Insects have a different perception when it comes to color, and it has everything to do with food. Often insects associate color with the foods they eat. So, if you paint the exterior seating area in a color that mimics a food source, the insects will come. 

Given this information and the factor that a large number of insects eat flowers, you should probably avoid painting the area in any color within the floral family. If the restaurant is in a location with a high population of stinging insects, it's especially important to follow this guideline to help keep them away.

For additional color selection tips, don't hesitate to speak with a commercial painting professional for assistance.