4 Tips For Your Interior Painting Project

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4 Tips For Your Interior Painting Project

29 January 2020
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When it comes to painting the inside of your home, selecting the right color can truly make all the difference in taking your home décor and your home to the next level. The walls of your home are essentially a blank canvas that you have to work with, so you potentially have the freedom to choose any color at all for them. Keep reading to learn a few tips that will help in selecting a shade that will create the effect that you are hoping for. 

Make Use of Swatches

Prior to choosing a particular shade of paint, you will want to give it a test run on the walls. Get color cards or sample paints from the local paint store and apply them to your interior walls to see how they look in person. Many paint products have an undertone to them that will impact the vision that you are hoping to achieve. Swatches can help you see how colors will look with your décor.

Play It Cool with Neutrals

Neutral shades of cream, beige, and gray are always safe to experiment with due to the simple fact that they offer a wealth of creative liberty. With shades like these on the walls, you can coordinate the rest of your décor with ease.

Incorporate a Statement Wall

Is there a certain wall or corner that you would like to draw the eye to? If so, you may want to think about creating a statement or accent wall. To do this, select a subdued color for the remainder of the room and then paint one wall a different, bolder shade. This will allow the eye to be drawn to this part of the room. In addition, this will add a splash of color to this part of the room may be a bit plain.

Use the Color Wheel to Your Advantage

There are so many different shades of paint available on the market today that you can easily become overwhelmed when trying to pick out colors for your home. If you are finding it difficult to decide, consider looking at the color wheel and focusing on the primary and secondary hues. In addition, consider choosing a unique shade for your home by heading outdoors and taking in nature. Just look around; you may find inspiration from sources you never thought possible!

It is important to select the right shade of paint for your interior, as it can redefine your entire home. For more information, contact a residential interior painting service in your area.