Prepare Your Home For Exterior House Painting

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Prepare Your Home For Exterior House Painting

24 January 2020
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Painting the exterior of a home can be a great way to refresh your property and add some curb appeal. Choosing the right color with quality workmanship can increase the value of your home too. If it is time to paint your home here are some things you need to do to prepare for the painting day:

Trim Shrubs and Trees Around the House

You want to clear the immediate perimeter around the house before exterior house painting services begin working on your home. Over the years plants can start growing big enough to brush up against or even grow up the outside of your home. There are invasive plants like ivy that can even make their way into the cracks and cause issues with siding. Start by trimming shrubs and bushes so that they are not touching the home at all. If you have ivy you will need to pull it off the home and cut thick vines. This is some upkeep you should stay on top of even after the home is repainted. To keep the new paint job looking good you should regularly trim to the greenery from growing back against the home. 

Pressure Wash

You will want to give the exterior of the home a good wash down before your painters show up. When you will be doing exterior house painting, you need the home to be clean and free of moss or dirt so that the new paint will stick as designed. A good way to wash the house down is to use a pressure washer. Choose an attachment that has a spray powerful enough to clean the dirt, but not to damage the paint and siding. Test the spray and pressure on a small area before you start doing the whole thing. If your home is especially dirty you can use an additive like soap to help. You can rent a pressure washer that has a tank for soap and does it all. 

Paint Samples

You will want to get several paint samples before you commit to a color. Paints can look different depending on the time of day and lighting. Do not paint your home until you have seen what this color looks like on the home in a smaller spot. Depending on the color you may need to prime the home to mask the color underneath or to have the new paint stick on properly. 

Get these things done so you can have exterior house painting services and increase your curb appeal! Taking the time to prepare properly will help your paint last and look great.