Are You Designing A Victorian Style Master Bedroom?

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Are You Designing A Victorian Style Master Bedroom?

14 January 2020
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If you love anything that is romantic and elegant, you might be planning to design a Victorian-style master bedroom. If that's the case, maybe you already know exactly what you want to do to make your bedroom unique and beautiful. if so, there's no reason to keep reading. But, if you are looking for ideas on designing a Victorian-style bedroom, keep reading for some ideas that might be very helpful.

Start with the wall treatment. You might be tempted to go with wallpaper for the entire room. Think about selecting a mural, paint, a wallpaper border and stenciling for your master bedroom's wall treatment. For instance, select a very pale lavender, light moss green or a subtle color of pink for the base wall paint. Going with pale colors means that they will more than likely go with any of the decor you select.

Once you have selected the basic color for the wall paint, think of having a mural that will cover all of one wall. Choose a Victorian scene, like a ballroom full of people wearing elegant Victorian attire or a beach scene with people wearing old-fashioned Victorian-style swimsuits. Choose a wallpaper border that will complement the color of the paint you selected. For instance, if you went with pale pink, a wallpaper border that depicts roses would be perfect. If you chose pale lavender for the color of your wall paint, a border that has purple pansies as the design would be nice.

Choose clever sayings for your stenciling. Here are just a few stencil Ideas that will add interest to your master bedroom:

  • Bang Up To The Elephant, which in Victorian times meant something life perfect.'
  • Never Too Much Butter Up Bacon, meaning Never too much extravagance in Victorian times.
  • Long Live Queen Victoria, which would pay tribute to that great lady.
  • Leave Your Top Hat And Your Long Gloves On The Credenza, which is just a cute saying.

If you do use stenciling, think of adding a touch of gold to the stencil design.

Select a frilly bedspread with plenty of very elegant throw pillows. If you are buying new furniture, choose elaborately carved furniture pieces. Add more pizzaz to your Victorian bedroom by placing things like angel statues, little bowls of faux flowers, and other fancy decorative pieces in strategic places. Choose table lamps that have ornate bases with lampshades that have things like flowers and fringe as their design. Contact painters in your area for more assistance and exterior painting services.